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Designing the Yard in Your Dream

Designing the Yard in Your DreamThere will be a lot of factors to consider when you are laying out the design for your new landscaping. Maybe you are tackling the job yourself, or you’ve hired the best landscapers in town.
Some things you will need to consider are the size of your space, if you would like lots of hardy greenery, and how many flowering plants you’d like the space to include.
Stand back and take a good look at your home and the space you want to landscape. You will need to measure the space, decide what you’d like to plant and then do a little research on how much room each needs to thrive and grow to its maturity. If you are planting flowers decide if you would like annual, perennials, or bulbs.
You could transplant items around later but ideally you should try to plant things that you know can stay where they are until they’re fully grown.
The first thing you need to do is take a good look at the area you want to landscape. Envision it in your mind and then draw it out on a piece of paper. Then you can move things and change your mind before you actually purchase the plants and move them around or purchase things you won’t really need.
Use either graph paper, or a regular blank piece of paper, and try working to scale and lay out your plants so you can visualize them. Take a measuring tape around the space to be decorated to sure the measurements are accurate. Then lay out the area you will need to dig in and create the design you would like.
Next go to your greenhouse or landscape supply store and purchase your plants. If you have any questions about the growing season, blooming time or if the plant is right for your area, speak to a staff member or garden expert on staff.
Dig the holes for your shrubs and trees and your flowers or bulbs. Make sure to dig the holes about twice as big as the bottom of the plants so they have room to grow. Use landscape fabric if needed to prevent weeds from growing through. Gently lay the plants in the holes and fill them up tightly with dirt. Add water as you cover the plants and then water well when they are covered. Stop around the base of the plants a little so there are no air pockets in the dirt.
Lastly, add any mulch, rock, or landscaping material you would like to finish it off. Stand back and admire your work.

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