25 February 2015 ~ Comments Off on Don’t Let Bugs Ruin the Great Weather

Don’t Let Bugs Ruin the Great Weather

summerIt’s always exciting when the sun first starts to really show itself in the sky again. The warm weather brings visions of really enjoying the outdoors. This is even more true for people who put a lot of work into maintaining a great lawn or garden. It’s obviously nice to look at. However, the real joy of having nature on one’s property is the ability to really sit out and enjoy it when the weather’s nice. However, there’s one part of the experience which a lot of people forget about. Ticks and mosquitoes are also a common experience when the weather warms up. Bugs enjoy the summer just as much as we do.

However, ticks and mosquitoes also bring a host of dangers and diseases with them. Even if one can ignore how annoying they are, they’re a huge health risk. It might sound like an exaggeration. But the reality is that mosquitoes are often called the deadliest animal on the planet. When people think of deadly animals, they usually imagine lions or other large cats. However, mosquitoes are just about the perfect vector to transmit a wide range of disease. They exist in large part as incubators of human bacterial and viral contaminants. And ticks are just as bad in that regard. They’re ready and eager to spread Erlichiosis, Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever among other diseases. However, a little tick control can go a long way to ensuring one has a safe summer.

Many people are under a mistaken impression that controlling the tick and mosquito population would mean introducing noxious chemicals into the environment. And while that’s true for some firms, reliable companies like Mosquito Squad are dedicated to environmentally friendly ways of controlling ticks and mosquitoes. Basically, the idea is to use material which destroys the pest populations but which will then quickly break down in a safe but still effective way. This does mean that the actual application needs to be done on a more frequent basis. However, at the same time ensures that the environment will stay healthy and green.

Pests shouldn’t be allowed to ruin one’s lawn or garden. However, the pest control methods shouldn’t be allowed to do so either. By using natural materials which quickly break down, one can ensure that only mosquitoes and ticks are targeted. The professionals an also install an automated misting system which can take this a step further. In this case, one won’t even have to worry about keeping up with the treatments. The installed misting system will automatically work to kill off any populations of ticks or mosquitoes which try to live in your area.

However, the most important thing is to actually take action. Insects aren’t going to wait very long before they decide to make your home their home. As such, one can’t wait too long to fight them off.

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