01 March 2015 ~ Comments Off on Revamp your Outdoor Surfaces with Renew Clean

Revamp your Outdoor Surfaces with Renew Clean

deckcleanI recently started the process of redoing my backyard space. Amid the more pleasant tasks like planting fresh flowers was the inevitable process of finding a way to revamp my old, worn deck. The deck was there when I moved in, and although it offered a lot of potential, it has mostly sat stagnant. I had it pressure washed a few times prior to parties or big events, but found that less than a week after the event my deck looked sad and worn again. I often speculated that it looked worse than before, as the pressure washing was doing nothing more than stripping the wood.

I am not crafty. Cleaning or restaining my deck was absolutely out of the question. I had a friend suggest I check out the Renew Crew Clean. She referred to them as the wood experts and said that after having her decks cleaned by them just once she not only immediately noticed the difference, but noticed that the cleaning actually lasted and she hasn’t had to do more than a basic sweeping and hosing down of her deck since.

I called Renew Crew and told them that I wanted to clean and revamp my outdoor deck space. Their staff was friendly, knowledgable and, to my surprise, I was able to work with one customer service representative through the whole process. She was knowledgeable and attentive to detail, and very kindly answered the dozens of questions I had. The deck cleaning expert who did my free estimate was also very knowledgeable and professional. In fact, I would have signed up to have him wash my deck that day.

After signing up to have my deck treated, they walked me through the entire process, including the very small amount of prep work I needed to do. They even offered to move my furniture for me! The cleaner explained that they use a very simple three-step process designed to “deep clean” my deck rather than just blast dirt away. Their three-step process has been keeping outdoor surfaces clean and protected for nearly 20 years. First, they used an environmentally-friendly home to loosen even the deepest of dirt and grime from the wood fibers. The foam brings the loosened dirt to the surface and also successfully kills mold and mildew without using any harsh chlorines or chemicals. After the foam soaked in, they power cleaned the deck. This rinsed away dirt and grime and resorted the entire surface to its former beauty. Finally, they used a protective finish to seal the wood and fight future damage from weather, UV rays or stains. I would recommend their services to anyone looking to clean and refresh their outdoor surfaces.

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